The Start of TDS Ladders

In this day and age of purchasing products online there are lots of Pro's and Con's.  I understand convenience of buying online. You don't have to get up and get ready, get the kids ready, pack them in the car, dealing with traffic and then searching out the exact product you want to buy.  The issue we run into now is that we order a product based on reviews of complete strangers who might not have the same standards of quality that you do. Not to mention that companies can buy software that will filter out the bad reviews. Amazon is great until you get the product that sounded so great and the price was great but it isn't up to your standards.  I deal with this all the time in demonstrating the latest products for Little Giant Ladders at live events. I show the customer the latest and greatest and then they order a different product off of Amazon because it has a lower price. It doesn't mean that it is a bad product  People are just missing out on the value of what each product provides them.  TDS Ladders is tying together the live in person experience and the online experience to not only get you a better price but a better value and understanding of what exactly your are purchasing.  

TDS Ladders was started by 3 former employees of Little Giant Ladders.  Tony and Chris have over 15 years of combined experience working as Factory Direct Sales Reps for Little Giant Ladders. We have been to events all over the USA demonstrating and selling Little Giant products.  That is only a part of what we do though. We provide input on best safety practices, white glove customer service and professional opinions on size, features and accessories to best fit the customers needs. If you attend a Home and Garden Show, a Fair, or other events that we will be attending you will most likely be dealing with Chris or Tony face to face.  Meggan is behind the scenes and has over 5 years of experience working as the Event Sales Coordinator.  She is the main reason it is possible for us to be at the events to provide you as the customer with the best experience possible.  

With over 20 years of combined experience TDS Ladders is excited and happy to continue the tradition that was started 48 years ago when Little Giant Ladders came to the marketplace by way of live events and demonstrations. 

You can find a list of cities that will be attending events in at the bottom of the webpage. Come say hi and see the latest innovations by Little Giant Ladders.



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