What size of ladder do you need?

The most common question we get when we are demonstrating Little Giant Ladders is, "What size should I get?". We can help with that.

M13 if you are in a single story with ceilings no higher than 10', no stairs and you don't need to access the roof.

M17 works for a single story with 10'-12' ceilings, and no stairs to the basement.

M22 is the most popular. It works for most 2 story homes with ceiling heights up to about 15'. It will work on the stairs to the basement or second floor. If you need roof access on the outside the EPIC with the SAFETY RAILS will work best.

M26 is not as popular because of the weight and effort it takes to fully extend the extension ladder portion. It works better for high vaulted ceilings, 2+ story homes, and professionals who use ladders on a daily basis.