Little Giant Jumbo


Little Giant Jumbo


Little Giant Jumbo

  • New lightweight, yet strong design is easy to use
  • Perfect stepladder for both professional and industrial use
  • Portable staircase design is easy to climb and descend
  • 8 1/2-inch-wide, slip-resistant treads offer full foot support for jobs that take more time
  • Slim, 4.5-inch storage profile
  • Fully anodized, increasing durability and preventing oxidation
  • Innovative Top Cap includes:
  • Dedicated cell phone holder
  • Hooks for buckets or gallons of paint
  • Two port holes for cordless drills or hammers
  • Slots for extension cords or hoses
  • Slots for screwdrivers and other hand tools
  • Groove for conduit, PVC or fluorescent bulbs

  • Large tray for loose pieces such as nuts, bolts or nails
  • Grooves to fit a quart of paint
  • Two-finger handrail release for easy handrail folding and adjustment
  • Handrail in a center, upright position for increased comfort and stability
  • Extra bar on handrail to hang cleaning supplies
  • 115 square inch, slip-resistant steps provide extra comfort
  • Non-marking ladder feet
  • Wide shoes provide traction above drains and grates while providing stability
  • Compatible with Little Giant Ladder Rack
  • ANSI Type IAA (375 lbs) Duty Rating
  • Two-Step model provides highest standing level of 1 foot 6 inches
  • Available in 2, 3 and 4-step models


With the Jumbo Step's ultra-wide steps, it feels like walking up a staircase, not a ladder. It is made from lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum and its steps feature a safe, non-slip surface.

The Jumbo Step has a rotating safety handrail for added stability. This feature helps step stool users to feel more secure and confident while working at heights.

Keep your tools close at hand. The integrated tool tray on the handrail allows you to place your phone, hammer, drill or other materials on the tray for easy access while working.

Customer Reviews

Best ladder ever! Weight not bad on 22ft

I researched the heck out of these ladders before i decided which to buy. The consensus out there is that little giant is overpriced and Werner etc are just as good. Now that I've had this ladder for several months, if it got stolen tomorrow I would immediately order the exact same one without the slightest hesitation. I would not even consider the Werner or any others, even at half the price. The reason? The latches and hinges! Absolutely worth the extra money, omg! It makes it so much easier to work with.


This is a GREAT ladder!!! My husband has always used a standard 6 foot ladder, and of course we always had things to do that were much higher than 6 feet. I saw the Little Giant as a "Deal" in the Gold Box. The price was outstanding and my husband immediately said "let's get it - we can always use it to put up the Christmas lights, if nothing else." Well, we received the ladder within 2 days (excellent service) and my husband watched the video that was online for this ladder. Since then he has used it for every project. As a matter of fact, I think he's trying to find projects just so he can use the ladder!!!!

 it's perfect

great quality, study, plenty of features, love the stabilizer arms and the leg leveler feet.