This ladder includes the extendable safety rails (unlike the Little Giant Xtreme that they have to be purchased seperately). The safety rails can be placed vertically or horizontally on the ladder. When placed vertically in the walkthrough position, the rails extend above the top of the ladder, giving you a sturdy handhold. This feature gives you a stabilizing surface to move from ladder to roof with ease.

Additionally, the non-marring safety rails can be placed horizontally in the stand-off position, so you can set up your ladder around windows, spanning a distance of up to 7 feet. In its horizontal stand-off position, you can place hanging hooks on the rails, where you can hang items up to 15 lbs., like paint buckets, water or other supplies that you would like to have within arm’s reach.


It is uncommon to work on a perfectly level surface, and with the Ratchet™ leg levelers, you can easily adjust your ladder to meet uneven ground with ease. This is the kind of ladder that will soon become your new go-to tool for all of your projects. It’s time to make your ladder Epic


The EPIC has the all new Rapid Lock system that makes it easier to adjust the height of the ladder with a quarter turn in either direction to lock and unlock the pin.



The Multi-Position Airdeck Portals provide the ability to add the Airdeck to give additional stability and a place to set tools in multiple locations on the ladder




Customer Reviews

Best ladder ever! Weight not bad on 22ft

I researched the heck out of these ladders before i decided which to buy. The consensus out there is that little giant is overpriced and Werner etc are just as good. Now that I've had this ladder for several months, if it got stolen tomorrow I would immediately order the exact same one without the slightest hesitation. I would not even consider the Werner or any others, even at half the price. The reason? The latches and hinges! Absolutely worth the extra money, omg! It makes it so much easier to work with.


This is a GREAT ladder!!! My husband has always used a standard 6 foot ladder, and of course we always had things to do that were much higher than 6 feet. I saw the Little Giant as a "Deal" in the Gold Box. The price was outstanding and my husband immediately said "let's get it - we can always use it to put up the Christmas lights, if nothing else." Well, we received the ladder within 2 days (excellent service) and my husband watched the video that was online for this ladder. Since then he has used it for every project. As a matter of fact, I think he's trying to find projects just so he can use the ladder!!!!

 it's perfect

great quality, study, plenty of features, love the stabilizer arms and the leg leveler feet.