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 Working At A Significant Height Can Be Nerve-Wracking, But The Little Giant® SumoStance® Ladder Eliminates Those Concerns And Makes Using An Extension Ladder Easy. Designed For Stability And Its Light Weight, The SumoStance Will Easily Become Your New Go-To Ladder For Every Task.


Wide-Flared Leg Levelers

The SumoStance Utilizes Wide-Flared Leg Levelers To Increase The Stability Of Your Ladder. The Wide Legs Nearly Double The Ladder’s Width, Giving Your Ladder Added Side-Tip Stability. Work On Any Terrain, Adjusting The Ladder’s Legs As Needed, So You Can Confidently Tackle Any Project.



Most Extension Ladders Are Heavy And Difficult To Carry, But The SumoStance Uses Lightweight, Non-Conductive Fiberglass To Help You Reach The Highest Places With Ease.


Comfortable Wide Rungs

Do You Experience Foot Fatigue While Standing On A Ladder? If You Find Yourself Constantly Shifting Your Weight To Rest Your Feet While At The Top Of The Ladder, You Are Going To Love The Comfort That Our Wide Ladder Rungs Provide.


Bubble Levels

Little-Known Fact: Having Your Ladder Level Off By Just 1 Inch At The Bottom Causes A 9-Inch Lean At The Top Of A 19-Foot Ladder. If Safety Is The Goal, And It Should Be, The Bubble Levels On The SumoStance Are A Useful Tool To Ensure That Your Ladder Is Level Before Climbing.


Other Benefits

The Benefits Of This Ladder Are Clear. In Addition To The Benefits Listed Above, The SumoStance Increases Safety With Its Patent-Pending Hi-Viz Green Color. This Color Of Fiberglass Is Easy To See, Which Helps Prevent Accidents Associated With Walking Or Driving Into A Ladder That Is In-Use.


The SumoStance Complies With All OSHA, ANSI A14 Strength And Testing Standards. Rung/Step Spacing Complies To OSHA And Int’l Standards*. The ANSI IA Ladders Are Rated To Hold 300 Lbs. On The 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’, 32’, 36’ And 40’ Models. Our ANSI IAA Ladders Are Rated To Hold 375 Lbs. On 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’ And 32’ Models.


*OSHA 1910.23, OSHA 1926.10.53, CSA Z11, EN131-1, AS/NZS 1892.2.6.2

The Hyperlite and Sumostance with Hyperlite Technology are built to order and  typically take around 2 weeks before they are shipped. They are in high demand and the manufacturer is doing their best to keep up with the orders. If you have questions please contact us.