MegaLite Accessory Bundle

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This is a bundle that we put together specifically for the Little Giant MegaLite.

This bundle saves you $40 by bundling the accessories together over of buying them individually. 

This bundle includes the following:


The AirDeck® workstation is a multi-use tray and handrail accessory designed for your Little Giant® Ladder to help you finish your projects more easily. By using the AirDeck as a handrail, you can maintain three points of contact on the ladder. With its grooves, slots and fitted recesses, the AirDeck is perfectly designed as a tool tray to hold your tools, paint containers and other materials. This accessory holds up to 25 lbs.


Standing on a ladder for long periods of time can be exhausting. The Work Platform is a ladder accessory that doubles as a comfortable standing platform or tool holder. Enjoy the comfort of standing on a sturdy standing platform, rather than an uncomfortable ladder rung. When used as a tool tray, the Work Platform can hold buckets and tools for convenient access. Rated to hold up to 375 lbs., the Work Platform is a versatile accessory that is compatible with many of our multi-position ladders.


Wall Rack

When not properly stored, your ladder can become a tip or trip hazard, which can cause damage or injury to yourself, your ladder or your property. The Ladder Rack™ from Little Giant Ladders® helps you save space, while protecting your ladder from damage. This accessory mounts to the studs in the wall at the 16” center; and holds up to 75 lbs.

Trestle Brackets

No one wants to go up and down a ladder all day. With the Trestle Brackets, you can easily convert your Little Giant Ladder® into two secure trestles to support plank scaffolding, saving you the hassle of trips up and down the ladder.

Using the trestle brackets is easy. Remove the outer section of the ladder from the inner base. Fit the Trestle Brackets inside the top of the ladder with the flange facing out. Lock the ladder into place, and your ladder is ready to convert to scaffolding with the Telescoping Plank.